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  • Look gift horses in the mouth

    “I was confused before I went in, and even more confused when I came out,” was how one EM investor described meeting Etihad and its partners to discuss its now infamous structured notes.

    • 17 Aug 2017
  • How wrong can a rating agency be?

    You are looking to buy an item on Amazon. The first two reviews could not be more contrasting. One is a glowing five star rating. The other is a one star hatchet job. Which do you believe? This was akin to the situation facing investors considering Amazon’s new bond on Tuesday, with Moody’s opinion of the company four notches lower than that of S&P.

    • 17 Aug 2017
  • Summer is now a deal window

    British American Tobacco showed this week that it is time to stop claiming bond markets shut for summer.

    • 10 Aug 2017
  • The crisis 10 years on: liquidity still the problem

    We are now a decade on from the start of the global financial crisis, the event that has defined public perception towards finance and the rules and regulations which govern it. It is still misunderstood.

    • 10 Aug 2017
  • US student loans — a ball and chain, not a time bomb

    The US student loan market is in bubble territory. At $1.3tr, it is the country's second largest consumer debt segment after residential mortgages. Yet, even though 44m Americans are saddled with student debt, at an average of around $37,000 per borrower, student loans are more a drag on economic growth than a disaster waiting to happen.

    • 03 Aug 2017
  • Barclays and chill

    If you’re a bank chief executive under pressure from shareholders this is the playbook: first, lower expectations and provision everything; second, raise some capital and set out a path to future success. Only then do you try to make some actual money.

    • 03 Aug 2017
  • Is the SEC inflating the crypto-bubble?

    One of the murkiest areas of modern finance, as of Tuesday, fell under the scrutiny of the US regulatory authorities. The booming cryptocurrency industry has hitherto provided an unregulated source of free capital to tech start-ups, but those days could be over.

    • 27 Jul 2017
  • Credit differentiation is back

    Greece’s return to the capital markets this week was cause for celebration, but the irony is that five years after committing to do "whatever it takes" the European Central Bank is now poised to normalise monetary policy — which means investors must start pricing for risk.

    • 27 Jul 2017
  • You don't always want what you want

    Investors complain often and vocally about so many aspects of new issue execution. Often their complaints fall on deaf ears, sometimes they are acknowledged, and occasionally they are acted upon. This week an issuer considered complaints that had rung in their ears for over a year, only to find investors did not want what they said after all.

    • 20 Jul 2017
  • Think before EU speak

    “What were they thinking?” cried the European ABS market this week as the full impact of what originally seemed like an innocuous ban on an already illegal mortgage product became clear.

    • 20 Jul 2017

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