• Investors give Mercedes-Benz ABS easy ride

    Chinese investors warmly welcomed Mercedes-Benz Auto Finance’s second outing this year in China’s securitization market, helping the originator raise Rmb4.98bn ($760m) from the senior tranche of its deal.

    • 20 Sep 2017
  • Brics summit reboots Russia-China connection

    Trade between Russia and China has slowed over the last few years, hurt by a depreciating renminbi and domestic economic challenges in both countries. But the trend has now largely reversed — and dealmaking between the two countries is booming.

    • 20 Sep 2017
  • The Buy Side: Sweden’s Andra still bullish on A-shares

    In this new column, GlobalRMB will be speaking to investors from around the world about their views on RMB assets. In the first instalment, Swedish pension fund Andra speaks about its long-standing commitment to China’s equity market.

    • 19 Sep 2017
  • Timing of Chinese sovereign dollar bond baffles analysts

    After a 13 year absence, China's Ministry of Finance (MoF) is getting closer to tapping the dollar bond market again. But although some analysts say the issuance will help cut costs for Chinese corporates borrowing abroad, others were left scratching their heads over the timing of the deal given China's growing pile of FX reserves.

    • 18 Sep 2017
  • Sun Hung Kai gets Panda programme greenlight

    Hong Kong-based Sun Hung Kai Properties has received Chinese regulators’ blessing to issue Rmb10bn ($152.9m) worth of Panda bonds within the next two years, according to the National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors (Nafmii).

    • 18 Sep 2017
  • The week in renminbi: Venezuela uses RMB for oil pricing, PBoC says bankers bullish about economy, SZ-HK Connect volumes hit new high

    Venezuela replaces the dollar with the renminbi as the quoting currency for its oil exports, the People’s Bank of China says bankers are confident about the Chinese economy, and the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect sets a new record in turnover volume.

    • 18 Sep 2017
  • HSBC China targets foreign investors with non-Panda deal

    The onshore subsidiary of HSBC priced a Rmb2bn ($305m) bond on September 12 targeting Bond Connect investors, a deal that could draw more attention to onshore issuance by foreign companies using local entities instead of choosing the Panda route.

    • 15 Sep 2017
  • RMB round-up: Safe official wants CNH and CNY to merge, AXA IM launches short dated China bond strategy, ex-HKMA head urges RMB trading for HK stocks

    The State Administration of Foreign Exchange (Safe)’s deputy head says the onshore and offshore renminbi markets should merge, AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) launches a new strategy to buy short dated onshore RMB bonds, and the ex-boss of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) suggests Hong Kong-listed stocks should trade in renminbi.

    • 15 Sep 2017
  • BOCHK sells interbank market’s largest Panda bond

    Bank of China Hong Kong has sold its second Panda bond, raising a staggering Rmb9bn ($1.37bn) from a one year note. The transaction was the largest Panda sold in the interbank bond market, and caught the attention of foreign investors, which made 50% of all bids.

    • 14 Sep 2017
  • Hyundai’s China JV shrugs off politics to sell ABS

    Beijing Hyundai Motor Group has completed its second securitization in China this year, selling a Rmb3.5bn ($535.3m) two tranche deal on September 12. While the transaction’s timing coincided with rising political tensions between China and South Korea, investors remained undeterred.

    • 13 Sep 2017
  • IMF Q&A: Time for China to break the RMB free

    In the past year, Chinese authorities have taken measures to boost capital inflows, while keeping the currency and potential outflows under strict control. In this exclusive Q&A with GlobalRMB, Calixte Ahokpossi, senior economist at the International Monetary Fund, says China needs more reforms, and that introducing a flexible currency framework should be a priority.

    • 13 Sep 2017
  • PFM to be popular with foreign asset managers, says CLSA

    Foreign asset managers will increasingly use RMB raised in China to invest overseas, as the private fund management (PFM) programme takes off, said Alexious Lee, head of capital access, China, at CLSA.

    • 13 Sep 2017
  • Chinese banks woo foreign participants for OBOR projects

    Syndicated loan activity in Asia ex-Japan may have slumped this year, but the slowdown is not all bad. The numbers show a return to normalcy in the region following an unusually stellar year of business in 2016, according to speakers at a loan market conference last week.

    • 12 Sep 2017
  • Mercedes-Benz races towards new China ABS deal

    Mercedes-Benz Auto Finance is gearing up for its second deal in China’s securitization market this year as it beefs up its operations in the Mainland.

    • 12 Sep 2017
  • Roadblocks remain for BRI private financing

    The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), without a doubt, will find many private sector takers. But despite their desire to get involved, investors are holding their horses as they assess risks, especially political ones, in Belt and Road countries.

    • 12 Sep 2017
  • Oil, RMB and the petrodollar’s demise

    The goal of making the RMB a global commodities currency is not a job for those looking for quick successes. But recent moves from Russia and the Middle East have laid further bricks on the road to glory for China.

    • 12 Sep 2017
  • The week in renminbi: PBoC scraps FX forward reserves rule, KraneShares launches OBOR ETF, Bridgewater eyes new China fund

    The People’s Bank of China scraps the requirement for financial institutions to set aside cash as reserves when buying foreign currency forwards, KraneShares launches new ETF to track companies in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) projects, and Bridgewater is said to be starting a new investment fund in China.

    • 11 Sep 2017
  • Updated: BOCHK eyes giant Rmb9bn Panda bond

    Bank of China Hong Kong (BOCHK) is coming back to the Panda bond market after a two year absence, with the ambition of raising a whopping Rmb9bn ($1.38bn) from a one year note.

    • 08 Sep 2017
  • RMB round-up: BRICS sets up local currency fund, China’s FX reserves up in August, StanChart adds onshore element to RGI

    BRICS countries agree to establish a local currency fund at the summit in Xiamen, China’s FX reserves grew by 0.4% in August, and Standard Chartered adds foreign holdings of onshore assets as a metric to its Renminbi Globalisation Index (RGI).

    • 08 Sep 2017
  • VW China repeats winning formula with new ABS

    Having sealed the largest deal in its Driver China series in May, Volkswagen Finance (China) decided it wanted to raise more from China’s securitization market. The originator stuck to a similar deal structure on September 7, taking home Rmb3.66bn ($569.7m).

    • 08 Sep 2017
  • HK-China Green Bond Connect plans divide market opinion

    The Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) said it is working with Hong Kong’s stock exchange to launch Green Bond Connect, an initiative to help Bond Connect investors identify Chinese bonds that meet international green standards. But market participants are divided on whether such an initiative is necessary. Noah Sin reports.

    • 07 Sep 2017
  • Market, not regulators, behind China ABS growth: CSF

    Market demand from smaller companies, rather than regulatory action, is driving China’s asset-backed securitization market, said Kristal Hou, executive general secretary of China Securitization Forum, an industry association.

    • 07 Sep 2017
  • Hyundai’s China JV preps second ABS deal

    Beijing Hyundai Motor Group is gearing up for a Rmb3.5bn ($535.9m) deal in China’s asset-backed securitization market, just over three months after completing a transaction of the same size.

    • 06 Sep 2017
  • Joy City builds Panda credentials with Rmb1bn debut

    Red chip property developer Joy City has hit the Panda bond market for the first time, raising Rmb1bn ($153.1m) from a three year bond on September 5. Although the deal was small in size, it caught the attention of some Bond Connect investors thanks to the issuer’s reputation.

    • 06 Sep 2017
  • Daimler ignites with new Panda

    Daimler’s China expansion keeps the issuer coming back for more onshore funding, with the automaker pricing a Panda private placement less than four months after its previous outing.

    • 06 Sep 2017
  • HKEX eyes green Bond Connect, says CBI

    The Hong Kong Exchange (HKEX) is in talks with Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) to launch a Green Bond Connect, an initiative to help Bond Connect investors identify Chinese bonds that meet the international standards of green investments, Sean Kidney, CEO at CBI, told GlobalRMB in Beijing.

    • 06 Sep 2017
  • Green guidelines emerge for China’s outbound investment

    China’s Foreign Economic Cooperation Office (FECO) of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and a group of financial industry bodies in China have published a set of guidelines on controlling environmental risk for Chinese overseas investment.

    • 06 Sep 2017
  • Hong Kong needs to get IPO Connect right

    China’s A-share market has one of the largest pools of domestic investors in the world. So it’s no surprise Hong Kong’s exchange is desperate to link its primary IPO market with the mainland. While there could be plenty of benefits, the city’s regulator should think long and hard before opening itself up to a potentially uncontrollable flood of money.

    • 05 Sep 2017
  • UOB, CICET boost collaboration in Chongqing

    United Overseas Bank (China) has signed a memorandum of understanding with China Chongqing International Economic and Technical Cooperation Group Corp (CICET) to support the latter's business expansion into ASEAN.

    • 05 Sep 2017
  • Green finance a ‘key pillar’ of Belt and Road: PBoC

    The development of green finance will be a key pillar to the success of the China-led Belt and Road Initiative, according to Yin Yong, deputy governor of the People’s Bank of China, speaking at a forum in Beijing this week.

    • 05 Sep 2017
  • China, UK to join hands in green finance, says PBoC

    China and the UK will continue to promote the development of green finance through bilateral collaborations, despite the decision by US president Donald Trump to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, said Chen Yulu, deputy governor of the People’s Bank of China.

    • 05 Sep 2017
  • Green ABS needs definitions, says China-UK working group

    The lack of rules and standards is holding back the development of green asset backed securitization (ABS), a UK-China joint task force on green finance has said.

    • 04 Sep 2017
  • Rusal's Panda bond ends market siesta

    Russian aluminium producer Rusal priced its second Panda bond of the year on September 1, reopening the market after a quiet month.

    • 04 Sep 2017
  • The East is Red

    In the latest Clawback, columnist Philippe Espinasse puts cash trading numbers in Hong Kong under the microscope to some rather interesting results.

    • 04 Sep 2017
  • The week in renminbi: Brics summit kicks off, NDB to expand lending, CSRC signs MoU

    The Brics Business Forum opens today, the New Development Bank is set to lend $2.5bn next year, and China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) signs agreement with Greek counterpart.

    • 04 Sep 2017
  • Incomplete data clouds Bond Connect’s success

    Driven by a rush to buy short term paper, Bond Connect flows through Shanghai Clearing House (SHCH)’s recorded their largest volume so far last week. But a closer look at the data suggests that markets are not getting the full picture of how successful the scheme has actually been.

    • 01 Sep 2017
  • The HK RQFII race is back on

    The long-awaited expansion of the Hong Kong RMB qualified foreign institutional investor (RQFII) quota, coming at a time of increased appeal of China assets, has triggered a rush by global money managers to get a piece of the action.

    • 01 Sep 2017
  • RMB round-up: Date set for Party congress, Sharjah plans Middle East’s first Panda bond, RMB back as fifth most used payments currency in July

    The Communist Party congress is set to kick off on October 18, the emirate of Sharjah plans the Middle East’s first Panda bond issuance, and Swift data says the renminbi was the fifth most used currency for payments globally in July.

    • 01 Sep 2017

GlobalRMB Panda Bonds league table

Rank Arranger Share % by Volume
1 Bank of China (BOC) 30.14
2 CITIC Securities 23.05
3 China CITIC Bank Corp 10.64
4 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) 8.27
4 Everbright Securities 8.27

Panda Bond Database

Pricing Date Issuer Country Size Rmb (m)
1 14-Sep-17 Bank of China (Hong Kong) (BOCHK) China 9,000
2 05-Sep-17 Joy City China 1,000
3 01-Sep-17 Rusal Russian Federation 500
4 23-Aug-17 Daimler Germany 5,000
5 02-Aug-17 China Gas Holdings China 1,500

Offshore RMB Bond Top Bookrunners

Rank Bookrunner Share % by Volume
1 JP Morgan 49.70
2 Barclays 10.06
2 Citi 10.06
2 HSBC 10.06
2 Bank of China (BOC) 10.06

Latest Offshore RMB Bonds

Pricing Date Issuer Country Size Rmb (m)
1 01-Jun-17 Ocean Wealth (Parent: China Orient Asset Management) China 632
2 11-Apr-17 Bank of China Johannesburg Branch (BOC Johannesburg) China 1,500
3 22-Feb-17 Ocean Wealth (Parent: China Orient Asset Management) China 850
4 28-Nov-16 Loncin Holdings China 800
5 04-Nov-16 China Nuclear Engineering Group China 1,500